Understanding Mobility Problems

mobility problemsPeople develop mobility problems for a number of reasons. Mobility problems make a person’s life more difficult in that they have less independence and struggle to be as active as they once were. Some common reasons for mobility problems are as follows:

  • Joint pain. Everyone experiences some joint pain, but some people, particularly as they age, experience it much worse due to genetics or injury. Their joints become extremely swollen or the cartilage around the joint deteriorates entirely.
  • Bone deterioration / osteoporosis. Bones are subject to deterioration with age and injury. Osteoporosis is caused by bone deterioration when calcium levels are low or hormones change. Brittle or thin bones break much more easily than strong bones.
  • Flexibility problems. Flexibility is one of the first things that people lose with age. Muscles, tissues and cartilage tighten and shrink over time to limit a person’s flexibility and make them less able to bend and stretch.
  • Cardio problems. When a person’s heart is weakened by an unhealthy diet, heart disease, being overweight or simply age, their cardiovascular system that pumps blood becomes less able to function well.
  • Weight problems. If someone’s diet or exercise regimen are unhealthy or inadequate, they may struggle severely with weight problems.

These health issues, which cause mobility problems, can prove harmful to a person and their lifestyle. There are, however, ways of preventing and correcting them:

  • For joint issues, take glucosamine to keep the cartilage that protects joints healthy and intact. Eating anti-inflammatory foods reduces swelling in joints, and safe exercise builds muscle mass to take strain off joints.
  • For good bone health, be sure to ingest plenty of calcium for bone tissue and vitamin D for metabolizing calcium.
  • For flexibility retention, participate in stretching exercises and yoga frequently.
  • For good cardio and weight management, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

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